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Grass Fed & Pasture Raised Meat For The Lowest Prices

Wild Pastures delivers meat from regenerative, American family farms to your doorstep for less.


The Wild Pastures Difference

100% of our meat is raised on pasture by family farmers in the USA using regenerative farming practices. The result is healthier meat that is better for the planet.


Truly Grass Fed & Pasture-Raised

Wild Pastures is a network of highly principled farmers in the USA raising animals outdoors on lush grass pastures – the way nature intended. No feedlots here!


Beyond Sustainable...We're Regenerative!

All of our farmers utilize regenerative farming practices in order to raise healthy animals in a way that is beneficial to the ecosystem and environment.


The Lowest Prices Without Cutting Corners

Our mission is to help transform the meat industry by making the highest quality, truly pasture-raised meat available to everyone at the lowest prices.

Raised the Way Nature Intended


100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Our cattle eat grass... that's it! We use rotational grazing which helps preserve and restore the health of the land while providing a more nutrient-rich, natural diet for the cattle.


Pasture-Raised Chicken

Our chickens spend their lives on pasture eating their natural diet of bugs and forage. Pasture-raised chicken is more nutrient-dense and richer in flavor.


Pasture-Raised Pork

Our pigs spend their lives on pasture foraging and exercising as they please. They are never confined and love to eat grass, turnips, squash, apples and more.


Wild-Caught Seafood

Our fish is wild caught in the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska - home of the world's largest and most sustainable salmon run.

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Grass Fed & Pasture-Raised Meat For The Lowest Prices




Our pasture-raised animals are part of a natural ecosystem. Our farmers use rotational grazing practices that mimic nature. Therefore, we do not need to use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics. This beautiful process doesn't require the external resources, such as massive amounts of GMO grain, required with environmentally-depleting conventional methods.


Raised In the USA

Raised In the USA

Many other providers source their meats from far outside of the United States. Instead of getting cheap meat from questionable sources and paying a premium on freight to bring it halfway across the world, we partner with family farmers in the USA. This is a far more beneficial model for American farmers, our customers, and the planet.


Whole Use, Zero Waste

Whole Use, Zero Waste

In order to keep costs down we make every effort to optimize the use of the entire animal. We distribute various cuts evenly across our member base. But have no fear, you aren't stuck with what we choose. You can customize each and every item in your box so you'll only receive cuts you know and love!


It's Our Mission... Literally

It's Our Mission... Literally

Could we charge a premium for the quality of meat we provide? Absolutely. However, we wholeheartedly believe that nourishing, sustainable, pasture-raised meats are both better for our health and the environment. We want to help transform the meat industry but that also means that more people need to be able to choose meat raised right. Therefore, we offer the highest quality meat at the lowest prices.

Just like Grandma's house

Natural / Delicious / Healthy

How It Works


Customize Your Order

We allow you to customize every item in your order and choose between one-time purchase or subscription... all on your schedule.


Get Your Delivery

Your meat comes from American regenerative farms to your doorstep packaged in compostable, earth-friendly packaging.


Cook, Eat & Enjoy!

Our grass fed and pasture-raised meats are nutrient-dense and rich in flavor. We have many recipes for you to try and enjoy!

Meet Farmer John


Wild Pastures partners with the most highly principled farmers and ranchers in the USA. John and his wife Holly are incredible stewards of their land and farm like our ancestors, raising healthy animals on lush grass pastures without pesticides, growth stimulants, antibiotics, and GMOs.

"Our modern food system is broken. Factory farms create problems for human health, animal welfare and the environment. Equally important, millions of acres of soil across the country are rapidly degrading because of excess tillage, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Degraded soil leads to diminished nutrition and the loss of important trace minerals in our food supply. It also leads to erosion, decarbonization, chemical pollution, and desertification affecting the land, rivers and oceans.

Regenerative Agriculture is the way to tie together our love for the planet and our path in farming. Unlike corporate factory farms, we raise our animals outdoors on green grass. We mimic nature by moving them every few days. This is similar to what the bison would have done on the prairie. Bison didn't just hang around in one spot; they were bunched together and moving, which naturally fed the plants that were utilizing the manure left behind. This also fed the microbiome of the soil, which led to rich topsoil and healthy grassland ecosystems. The prairie needed the bison and the bison needed the prairie. Similarly, land improves when domesticated animals are holistically managed, frequently moving to fresh pasture. Regenerative agriculture is our opportunity to make a difference."

- Farmer John

Customer Reviews

Best tasting quality meat. Delivered on time and I know I can rely on the service of the delivery. I love their Flank Steak, beef Chorizo and bacon. I really like how I can change my order at anytime, know when I will be charged and know I am getting the most nutrition meat possible.

- Russel H.

We are on our first shipment. Everything we had so far is unbeatable taste and texture wise. I highly recommend Wild Pastures. It is not just about taste. It was getting to the point where the meat at the grocers..well, I was not sure exactly where it came from and what they added.

- Sherri H.

Made my first.pork shoulder roast from Wild Pastures today. Sooooo good. As soon as it started cooking, I knew it would be exceptional - it smelled so different from factory farm meat. And it disappeared so quickly- no leftovers!

- Nancy S.

We love Wild Pastures. Their meat is amazing and the owners are knowledgeable and so helpful!!!

- Michelle D.

The most amazing group of people who ACTUALLY care...about their animals, about the land, and about their customers. They continue to wow me and the quality of the meat is amazing!

- Ally H.

Delicious product delivered right to our door we couldn't be happier we absolutely love supporting humane and free range farmers no more guilt about factory farming and the meat is delicious ! thank you so much for an excellent service

- Veronica D.

The most amazing group of people who ACTUALLY care...about their animals, about the land, and about their customers. They continue to wow me and the quality of the meat is amazing!

- Ally H.

Delicious product delivered right to our door we couldn't be happier we absolutely love supporting humane and free range farmers no more guilt about factory farming and the meat is delicious ! thank you so much for an excellent service

- Veronica D.

We love all our great deliveries here in Colorado! Thank you Wild Pastures! We don't have to worry about our meats!

- Roxie T.

Just got my third meat delivery and I couldn't be happier. Some of the best meat I've ever had, quick customer service, and great communication on the week/day of delivery so you know what's coming when.

- Carla L.

Love love love! No kidding. You will see why if you order. It will blow your mind the difference in quality that you can visibly see, taste and smell.

- Monique R.

We love the selection in our beef, pork & chicken delivery today. Thanks for keeping me posted on the delivery. You people are on top of it! Can’t wait to cook up the bacon for breakfast. Defrosting the whole chicken to bake this weekend.

- Rhonda A.

I’m Very happy with my decision to use Wild Pastures - Nice selection, delivery was perfect, and communication prior to and after was spot on. Best of all - meat from grass fed animals, which is not mass produced or pumped up with hormones and antibiotics. Kudos to making this model work!

- Julie T.

Received my first order from Wild Pastures and everything looks awesome. I grew up on an Angus ranch in Texas. Our cows were grass fed and the meat was always delicious. I've been missing that type of meat for years. I fixed the hamburger last night and the taste and smell were exactly the same as I remember growing up. Thank you Wild Pastures for such excellent quality.

- Clara B.

Get The Healthiest Meats Delivered Right To Your Door For The Lowest Prices!


Our meats are entirely raised on pasture and eat a natural diet

Studies have shown that pasture-raised meat contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than conventionally raised.

We raise meat without antibiotics, steroids, pesticides or herbicides... we let nature do its thing!


Turning The Page To A Healthier You & A Healthier Planet


Turning The Page To A Healthier You & A Healthier Planet

We provide healthy, rotationally grazed, pasture-raised meats without hormones or antibiotics. Rotational grazing helps restore soil and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. We use no chemicals on our pastures... ever.

We only work with small family farmers located in the USA using regenerative farming practices.

All of our packaging is either reusable (for local deliveries) or 100% recyclable and compostable (for UPS & Fedex deliveries). No styrofoam here!

100% Pasture-Raised

All our meats are 100% grass fed and finished and pasture-raised from small family farms located in the USA.

You're In Control

Skip or cancel anytime. You can edit your order anytime inside the member's area. We'll also notify you before your order ships.


We deliver to your door and pack your order with care. You don't need to be home to accept delivery.

Value Promise

We keep our farmers happy by paying them fairly and our customers happy by providing the highest quality meat at the lowest prices.